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CPR Kits

CPR kits range from less than $10 to way up there. You can get a pair of gloves and disposable faceshield folded up small enough to fit on your keychain or go for something fancier.
CPR keychain kit
CPR Keychain Kit - faceshield, gloves, and instructions.
cpr kit
Pocket Mask - mask, gloves, and instructions.


CPR Masks

There hasn't been a documented case of anyone getting AIDS from giving CPR, but shielding yourself from germs, saliva, vomit, and blood is always a good idea. Keeping a mask in your pocket or purse is an easy thing to do.
CPR mask
CPR Mask - adult and infant masks.
cpr face shield
Disposable Face Shield - simple, small, and disposable.


AED Units

The AED market is huge with more products coming out constantly. Here are some examples to take a look at.
Heartsine AED Heartsine AED
Medtronic AED Medtronic AED
Philips AED Philips AED
Powerheart AED Powerheart AED


CPR Manikins

There are hundreds of places where you can buy CPR manikins. Their is a huge range in price and features. Here is a selection of products and sites, but there are many more out there.
CPR manikins
CPR AnyTime - a CPR training program that includes a DVD and manikin so you can learn CPR at home. It has proven to be effective, but does not result in CPR certification.
cpr manikin
Basic Manikin - simple, boring blue manikin.
fat old man manikin
Fat Old Fred - a more typical cardiac arrest victim with extra body weight.
trauma manikin
Terry Trauma - manikin with burns, lacerations, and broken bones. Poor Terry has a rough job!
CPR dog manikin
CasPeR the CPR Dog - for teaching pet owners.

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