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Pet CPR Steps

CPR for pets is very similar as that for humans.

dog CPR steps
pet cpr instructions 

Check the Scene

  - make sure it is safe for you to help.
Don't become another victim.
perform pet cpr 

Check for Response

  - tap and call the pet's name.
dog cpr 

Check for Breathing

  - Carefully place your hand in front of his nose and mouth and feel for breath.


  - The heart is on the left side of the chest cavity behind the elbow of the left front leg. Place one hand under the chest cavity for support. Press down on the heart with the other hand 15 times, compressing the chest 1/2 inch for tiny dogs, 1 inch for small dogs and 1 1/2 inches for larger ones. Small pets like rodents, use your thumb and forefinger to compress the chest. Pump 80-120 beats per minute for larger animals and 100-150 beats per minute for smaller pets.
cat cpr 


  - lay the animal on its right side. Carefully pull his tongue forward out of his mouth - you may get bit instinctively. Search in the mouth and throat for any object and carefully remove it if found. Move the head to straighten the neck and open the airway.
animal cpr procedure 


  - Close the animal's mouth with your hand and breathe into its nose until the side of the chest rises. Give a second breath. If the chest does not rise, repeat


. If it still does not rise,
  • Hold the animal head down with its back against your chest.
  • Give 5 sharp squeezes to the abdomen in an attempt to force the object out.
  • Lay the animal down and look for an object in the airway or on the ground.
  • Repeat step



Repeat C - A - B

  until the pet begins breathing or you decide to take it to the veterinary hospital or give up.

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