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Infant CPR Steps

Notice that these infant CPR steps for victims under 1 year old are nearly identical to adult CPR steps with the following key differences:

infant cpr
infant cpr instructions 

Check the Scene

  - make sure it is safe for you to help. Don't become another victim.
perform cpr 

Check the Victim

  - tap and shout to get response.
infant cpr guidelines

Call for Help

  - If no response, have someone call 911.
If you are alone, do 5 cycles of CPR First, then call 911.
Call 911 for any unconscious victim, including an infant that is breathing.


  - pump the chest 30 times.
Place two fingertips of one hand in the center of the chest.
Press chest down about 1 1/2 inches at a rate of 100 to 120 per minute.


  - tilt head back, lift chin up to open airway.


  - Take a normal breath, cover victim's mouth and nose with your mouth, and give a breath until the chest rises.
Give a second breath. Take about 1 second per breath.
If chest doesn't rise, open airway again.

Repeat C - A - B

  until help arrives or the victim begins breathing.
If there are two rescuers, one does the breathing and one does the compressions - CPR steps and ratios remain the same.

Remember infant cpr instructions to save an infant's life at any time!

Becoming familiar with these infant CPR instructions will help you in performing CPR correctly. This quick review of skills should not be used as training, but can be a useful refresher.

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