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I teach American Red Cross CPR, AED, and First Aid training to laypersons. This site provides you with information about CPR, but is not a stand-alone CPR training resource. In order to be prepared to help others, you need to practice CPR and have your skills checked by a real person.

I use the American Heart Association 2015 CPR Guidelines on this site.
Read CPR News for details and new update information, including the 2008 Hands-only or Compression-only CPR.

Take a look at Who Does CPR!

CPR certification   Adult CPR - easy as CPR guide
Child CPR - CPR for 1 to 12 yr olds
Infant CPR - CPR for under 1 yr olds
CPR Summary - Key points to remember
Free CPR Card - Keep in your wallet or purse
Adult Choking - Help before CPR is required
Child Choking - Same as adult
Infant Choking - Help a baby breath

CPR certification   Does CPR Work? - statistics and facts
What is CPR? - learn what blowing and pushing really does
When is CPR Needed? - know when to work or wait
CPR Wizard - Step through CPR decisions
CPR Test - check your online CPR knowledge

AED First Aid and CPR   CPR FAQ - stuff dudes have asked about
Pet CPR - resusci-rover?
Self CPR - not just another pat on the back
CPR Links - some sites CPR Dude likes

Learn the basic CPR and AED guidelines online, then take a CPR certification class for hands-on training.
Get CPR and AED certified by the American Red Cross or American Heart Association.
It's the best way to know that you know what you know, dude!

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